HOW LONG IS THE RENTAL PERIOD?  You will have use of the venue from 8:00am until 11:59pm.

HOW MUCH IS THE DEPOSIT?  The deposit is 50% of the rental fee.

CAN WE TOUR THE BARN?  Yes, please contact us with your preferred tour date & time.

WHAT IS THE MUSIC POLICY?  We allow both DJs and live music. The music must remain in the barn and be turned off by 11:00pm.  If the music is located upstairs in the loft area, then the upstairs door must remain closed while the music is playing.

WHAT IS THE ALCOHOL POLICY?  Alcohol shall be served by an approved licensed bartending service ONLY and that service must end by 11:00pm.

WHAT IS THE CATERING POLICY?  We have an open catering policy at this time.

CAN WE SET UP THE DAY BEFORE OR CLEAN UP THE DAY AFTER?  Unfortunately no, the rental rate is for one day only.

DO YOU HAVE ON SITE PARKING?  Yes, there is a parking area on site.

ARE THERE MODERN RESTROOMS?  Yes, we have heated and air conditioned restrooms in the barn for your guests and a separate restroom in the bride's suite.

IS THE VENUE HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE?  Yes, all of the Barn and grounds are handicapped accessible except the upstairs loft.

ARE THERE HOTELS NEARBY?  Yes, ten miles away in the towns of Hutchinson and Glencoe there are many hotels to choose from.

IS THERE A SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE IN THE AREA?  Yes, there is a shuttle bus service based in Hutchinson.

IS THE BARN HEATED OR AIR CONDITIONED?  The bride's suite, groom's room, & restrooms are all heated & air conditioned.  The main reception space is not.  The barn does have large doorways at each end to allow for ample airflow.

DO YOU DO ANYTHING TO CONTROL MOSQUITOS?  Yes, we spray for mosquitos.

DO WE NEED TO PROVIDE INSURANCE?  Yes, you are required to purchase a minimum of 1 million dollars of event liability insurance listing Rustic Oaks Barn as an additional insured.  If there is to be alcohol at your event, then the policy will need to cover that as well.  Event insurance can be purchased from WedSafe or WedSure.

HOW MUCH IS THE DAMAGE DEPOSIT?  $1000, The unused portion will be refunded after your event.

IS SMOKING ALLOWED?  Smoking is only allowed in our designated smoking area.  This also applies to e-cigs.

ARE PETS ALLOWED?  No pets are allowed on the grounds.  However, you may include your dog in your ceremony.

CAN WE USE CANDLES?  Open flames are not allowed, except for a unity candle as a part of your ceremony.

CAN VEHICLES BE LEFT OVERNIGHT?  Vehicles left overnight must be removed between 8am and 10am the next day, unless prior arrangements have been made.

WHAT CLEANING IS REQUIRED?  You are expected to leave the barn and grounds as you found them.  We do offer a $500 No Clean-Up option.

WHAT IS THE DECORATING POLICY?  Decorations are allowed, but may not be attached to the barn.  No nails, tacks, screws, staples, glue, or tape is to be used.

ARE THE BRIDE'S SUITE AND GROOM'S ROOM SECURED?  The bride's suite and groom's room both have lockable doors and will be locked by staff at the start of the ceremony.  They will remain locked until the end of the event.